Hili Energy

Hili Energy is a newly formed energy arm of the group, set-up to invest and develop renewable energy-producing assets. Hili Energy is committed to become a major player in the transition from a society dependent on environmentally damaging and finite fossil fuels to one based on sustainable and clean energy. This initiative will draw on the group’s financial and technical experience and expertise.

Malta - Solar Farm

Hili Energy’s first project is the joint development of a 2.4 MW solar farm in Malta. The solar farm will repurpose a disused landfill and exploits the country’s most abundant renewable resource to produce clean energy. The project is on track to becoming one of the country’s first solar farms approved under Malta’s National Renewable Energy Plan.

Croatia- Woodchip Biomass

Hili Energy is developing a series of woodchip biomass gasification plants with its Latvian partners in Croatia. Gasification is a clean energy technology which effectively converts biomass (or other carbon based materials) into synthetic gas. Croatia enjoys an abundant supply of wood chips due to its involvement in the paper industry. The use of this raw material is thus a natural choice as an input for the production of clean energy for the country.

Development of Hili Energy’s first biomass power plant, which will have a 1.0MWe and 1.5MWt capacity, is underway.